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  1. predstavljanje sledeće nedelje u Kelnu.
  2. skuterasi, ovo je posebna prilika za medisona, pa ko prvi devojci... http://www.bjbikers.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=53&topic=60225.msg919098#msg919098
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jAYrKwQPp0&feature=player_embedded
  4. nije neki. 130 konja na 8.700 obrtaja, o.momenat 115 Nm na 7.200 djira.
  5. KIBO

    Ducati Mega-Monster

    promocija na Eicma 2010 sajmu 150+ bhp 1200cc V-twin ..... appearance of a sport-cruiser but the performance of a superbike, with brilliant handling according to insiders, who have also revealed it will dramatically undercut weight expectations despite the imposing size.
  6. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/New-bikes/2010/june/jul0210-bmw-announce-k1600-gt-and-gtl/ BMW will produce TWO versions of it’s all-new 1600cc straight six-cylinder tourer – the K1600GT and K1600GTL. * Video: BMW K1600GT adaptive headlight explained The K1600 GT will be similar in concept to the K1300GT – a comfortable, gadget-laden tourer but with a riding position and setup to give it some sporting ability. * BMW K1600LT spy shot The K1600GTL will be the super-tourer to take on the Honda GL1800 Goldwing, with a more relaxed layout with lower, more forward-set footrests and handlebars that reach further back. An optional extra Adaptive Headlight will be introduced for the first time ever on a motorcycle – an electronic system will adjust the headlight’s beam to compensate for front and rear pitch as well as lean angle, keeping the beam flat and optimised for best visibility at night. The following is an extract from BMW’s release detailing the two models and specifications for both: BMW K 1600 GT with active riding ergonomics for proactive touring. The dynamic touring bike BMW K 1600 GT is characterised by an active seating position which nonetheless offers a high level of long-distance comfort. The reason for this is the favourable set-up of the ergonomics triangle made up of footrests, seat and handlebars. The K 1600 GT has a very extensive range of standard features ex works consisting of xenon (HID) headlight, heated grips and seat, cruise control and on-board computer. These features in conjunction with the supreme riding qualities of the new BMW Motorrad six-cylinder engine leave nothing to be desired for the proactive tour rider. BMW K 1600 GTL with very comfortable, relaxed ergonomics set-up for long trips with pillion passenger. The luxurious touring bike BMW K 1600 GTL meets the highest demands. Rider and pillion passenger benefit from the relaxed, upright seating position as is especially appreciated over long distances. The ergonomics design is geared towards even further enhanced comfort and derives from a two-level seat in conjunction with rider footrests which are positioned further forward and lower down, as well as handlebars which reach further back. The standard topcase rounds off the range of comfort features for the pillion passenger. Like the K 1600 GT, the K 1600 GTL has a very extensive range of standard features consisting of xenon headlight, heated grips and seat, cruise control and on-board computer. The overall impression of this fascinating six-cylinder motorcycle with a carefully conceived storage concept, audio system as standard and numerous design elements make the BMW K 1600 GTL the flagship among BMW touring bikes. An overview of highlights of the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL. * Supreme in-line six-cylinder engine with a high level of pulling power, especially in the lower and medium engine speed range. * Engine output 118 kW (160 bhp) at approx 7 500 rpm and maximum torque approx. 175 Nm at approx. 5 000 rpm. * Over 70% of maximum torque available from 1 500 rpm. * Lightest and most compact six-cylinder in-line engine in serial motorcycle production, weighing just 102.6 kg and measuring 560 mm in width. * Consistent lightweight construction throughout the entire vehicle (magnesium front panel carrier, aluminium rear frame, crankshaft etc.). * E-Gas (ride-by-wire). * Three modes to choose from ("Rain", "Road", "Dynamic") * High active safety due to standard BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part integral). * Traction control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) for maximum safety when accelerating (optional extra). * Chassis with Duolever and Paralever and ideal concentration of masses for dynamic riding properties combined with optimum comfort. * Electronic Suspension Adjustment ESA II for optimum adaptation to all uses and load states (optional extra). * World premiere in motorcycles: Adaptive Headlight (optional extra) in conjunction with standard xenon headlight and lighting rings for increased safety at night. * Integrated operating concept for the first time with Multi-Controller, TFT colour screen and menu guidance. * Audio system with preparation for navigation device and controllable interface for iPod, MP3, USB, Bluetooth and satellite radio (only USA and Canada) (standard in the K 1600 GTL). * Innovative design with outstanding wind and weather protection. * K 1600 GT with active riding ergonomics for proactive touring. * K 1600 GTL with very comfortable, relaxed ergonomics set-up for long trips with pillion passenger, as well as luxury touring features. * Extensive fittings and individually tailored accessories at the familiar high level of BMW Motorrad.
  7. http://www.bmw-motorrad.com/com/en/index.html
  8. evo da prenesem moje iskustvo sa Shoishiro-m: Prezadovoljan sam sa -uslugom -kvalitetom rada -poštovanjem roka -cenom -ukupnom efikasnošću Dugo sam tragao i raspitivao se za hromiranje delova na motorima, niko nije imao definitivan odgovor ili preporuku. Ako vam išta zatreba od hromiranja, samo se javite Shoishiru i smatrajte posao završenim. evo primera držača na sedištu. Pre i posle. Slikano mobilnim, ne vidi se dovoljno dobro kvalitet hroma i sjaja. U svakom slučaju je bolje nego na fabrički radjenim delovima.
  9. izlozba oldtajmera 10.04.2010 http://www.automototrke.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3668&start=15&sid=8ba1ee0d0434918e25032b6817b00be0 http://picasaweb.google.com/ivanino.blago/IzlozbaOldtajmera1042010#
  10. na platou ispred Saobracajnog fakulteta u Vojvode Stepe pocevs os 9h - godisnja izlozba oldtajmera, automobili motori itd, subota 10.04.2010 od 9h pa nadalje..
  11. KIBO

    BMW boxer motori

    problem je sto nisu mnogo okretni ovi bokseri.
  12. http://www.bmw.rs/rs/en/general/lokalni_sadrzaj/akcijska_ponuda_m4.html
  13. KIBO

    BMW R1200RT 2010

    koga zanima mehanika, moze iz ovog ugla da malo bolje vidi donji stroj ...

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